Many patients think quick home remedies can help eye problems and eye disease. When in fact, home remedies carry many risks and it is best to see an Ophthalmologist right away if you have any concerns for your eye health.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

While blue light filtering glasses might be more helpful than harmful, do not rely on blue light filtering glasses to improve your eye health and vision or as a cure. There is no evidence to back up the necessity of blue light filtering glasses and no evidence to support they are harmful either. It is better to turn off the blue lights on your computer or, even better, to limit screen time as much as possible. We rely on our devices, such as computers & laptops, tablets, phones, and even TVs for work, school, and personal use. However, taking breaks from your devices is what will help maintain or improve your eye health in the long run.

Urine Eyewashes

Depending on many factors, like culture or what you read online as a quick fix, some have used urine eyewashes to treat dry eyes. This has never ended with a good result. First, it is unsanitary, carries bacteria, and can cause infections, hence, worse eye problems. Avoid putting anything in your eye at all, unless a certain product gets in your eye and the instructions claim to immediately rinse out the eye with just water, or you are prescribed contacts and know how to put them in properly. Instead of self-diagnosing, it is advised to go see an Ophthalmologist as soon as possible to treat eye problems and concerns, such as dry eyes. Doing so will prevent worsening of the problem. Your Ophthalmologist can diagnose and prescribe certain medications that are best for you and your eyes.

Eye Exercises

It is best to avoid eye exercises you might find online that claim to “help” but without the supervision of an Ophthalmologist, these exercises might just not do anything beneficial or cause more harm. Doing crazy eye exercises might damage muscles in ways you didn’t think could happen. Or doing certain exercises might just muscles the muscles on the outside and not inside of your eye, therefore, these might not even help and do anything at all. Going to get an annual check up is always recommended for everyone, not just patients with glasses, contacts, or eye problems. Your Ophthalmologist can recommend eye exercises that are best suitable for specifically your eyes, your concerns, or just your overall eye health.