Everyone knows that a glass of red wine at the end of the day can seriously take the edge off—but did you know that it can also decrease you likeliness of developing Cataracts? Here at Howerton Eye, your local ophthalmologist in Austin, TX, it is our mission to help people across the state of Texas keep their eyesight sharp, so we’ve put together a quick guide to red wine and its effect on cataracts. Find out everything you need to know about the new studies indicating that red wine reduces your likelihood of cataracts and learn how you can protect yourself from cloudy vision later in life!

What Are Cataracts

Whether you are worried that you may be developing cataracts or if you simply want to take preventative measures against them, it’s important that you understand the symptoms of cataracts and how they can affect your life. Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, typically a process that occurs over a long period of time. Symptoms of cataracts include cloudy vision, inability to see faces, difficulty reading, and, in more severe cases, complete blindness. While cataract removal surgery is available to treat already developed cataracts, there are preventative measures you can take to try and avoid cataracts in the first place!

Red Wine and Cataracts

A group of recent studies in the UK have shown that there is a strong correlation between moderate consumption of red wine and a reduced likelihood of cataracts. The research showed that people who drank around 6.5 glasses of red wine per week were less susceptible to cataracts and associated symptoms. It’s important to note that when the rate of red wine consumption exceeded this amount, it did not have a greater effect, and other alcoholic beverages did not have the same effect as red wine. Scientists analysing the effect of red wine on cataracts believe that the antioxidants in red wine act as a preventative measure against cataracts—meaning that you can harness those antioxidants to keep your vision sharp well into old age!

Visit Your Local Austin Ophthalmologist!

If you are interested in protecting your eyesight and ensuring that you can see clearly in the future, the best thing you can do is visit your local ophthalmologist, Howerton Eye, for a checkup. At our office in Austin, TX, our skilled team of medical staff can help you assess the state of your vision and check you for signs of developing eye conditions such as cataracts. We may be the only doctor that sends you home with a prescription for a glass of red wine in the evenings! If you are starting to develop cataracts, don’t worry, we can also treat them with a safe and effective eye surgeryContact Howerton Eye today to learn more about the relationship between red wine and cataracts, or to schedule an appointment!