EThis year has undoubtedly been challenging, and for those that wear glasses, it’s even more challenging. Mask mandates have people wearing masks to reduce the spread of COVID. And, if you are an essential worker in fields such as healthcare and education, you are wearing masks for long hours every day. A new study published in Ophthalmology and Therapy has found that wearing face masks is associated with ocular irritation and increased dry eye symptoms. Many ophthalmologists are seeing a significant increase in the demand for LASIK corrective surgery to make wearing a mask much more comfortable. The experts at the Howerton Eye share this important information on how wearing a mask can affect your eyes and the benefits of LASIK.

How Masks Affect Your Eyes

Mask wearing is likely to continue for some time to come, and based on the study, it does have implications for eye health. Face masks irritate your eyes due to the hot exhaled air that goes out the top of the mask and onto the surface of your eyes. This causes your tears to evaporate more quickly, leaving your eyes feeling dry, irritated, and tired. And, if you wear glasses, you are not only dealing with the hot air, but your vision is also impaired because of steamy, foggy lenses. 

Short-Term Solutions for Dry Eyes and Foggy Glasses

If you’re having trouble with your eyes or glasses due to your mask, you can try the following short-term solutions:

  • Select a mask that has a moldable nose bar so that it fits well over your nose without a large gap at the top.
  • Try to fit the mask under the bottom of your glasses as best you can to reduce the fogging on your glasses.
  • Use lubricating eye drops to help relieve the dryness. It would be best to talk to your eye doctor about what drops to use because some drops can actually make the problem worse.

LASIK is the Best Permanent Solution

If you’ve been thinking about LASIK, now is the perfect time to experience the freedom this corrective surgery offers. You will not only eliminate the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts, but you’ll eliminate eye irritation and foggy glasses as well. LASIK is a safe and painless procedure that will correct optical issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms.

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