Despite the many benefits of LASIK, over the years some fear-based misconceptions have emerged. Never fear; the skilled ophthalmologists at Howerton Eye of Austin and Kyle, TX are not only here to fix your vision, but address your LASIK hesitancies as well.

Below are some debunked LASIK myths that will hopefully encourage you to get the treatment you need and see LASIK in a more favorable light.

Common Misconceptions about LASIK

  1. LASIK is too expensive
  2. LASIK is a painful and long procedure
  3. LASIK is risky
  4. Recovery is lengthy
  5. LASIK is not permanent
  6. You can be too old for LASIK

A Clearer Tomorrow

Our team of ophthalmologists loves to provide patients with a clearer tomorrow. We care about your eyesight and would be glad to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about LASIK. If you struggle with your eyesight, please contact us and schedule a consult at our Austin, TX office today!