s-patient4.jpgOne of the most advanced multifocal IOLs is the AcrySof ReSTOR® IOL. This revolutionary innovation provides patients with better-quality vision across a range of distances.

What Is An IOL?

An IOL (or intraocular lens) is a type of lens that is implanted into your eye when your eye doctor removes your natural lens during cataract surgery. IOLs are an effective alternative for cataract patients who want clearer vision without relying on eyeglasses.

There are two types of IOLs—conventional and premium. Conventional (monofocal) IOLs only allow patients to hold one distance perspective at a time (far, near, or intermediate). Because of this limitation, conventional IOL patients still need to wear corrective eyeglasses. Premium IOLs, however, give patients the ability to see more than one distance at a time without relying on eyeglasses or contacts. Our Kyle and Austin, TX eye doctors offer several types of premium IOLs to solve you cataract problems. One such example is ReSTOR.

How Do ReSTOR IOLs Improve Vision?

IOLs utilize the same type of technology found in microscopes, telescopes, and lighthouses. Each side of the ReSTOR IOL has a convex surface and an arm (called a haptic), which holds the lens in place inside your eye. Using “apodized diffractive technology,” the ReSTOR IOL smoothly scatters light that enters your eye and sends it to different focal points on the retina. This type of technology has been FDA-approved for eye surgery and cataract surgery since 2005.

Are You a Good Candidate for ReSTOR IOLs?

The eye doctors of Howerton Eye Clinic use ReSTOR IOLs to treat patients who have cataracts or presbyopia. For many patients, glasses or bifocals aren’t needed once ReSTOR IOLs are placed in the eye. So if you are in need of cataract surgery and would like to restore your vision without corrective eyeglasses, this could be the treatment for you.

Who Isn’t Eligible to Receive ReSTOR IOLs?

Your Kyle and Austin, TX eye doctors do recommend ReSTOR IOLs to patients who have:

  • Psychiatric disorders
  • A history of seeing glares while driving at night, even before having cataracts
  • Unrealistic expectations about their results

If you are not a candidate for ReSTOR, please see our page on ReZoom™ IOLs. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our eye doctors to discuss what options might be right for you.

Inquire About Your IOL Treatment Today

The staff and eye doctors of Howerton Eye Clinic want to help you see more clearly. We are Kyle and Austin, TX’s trusted local ophthalmology practice for IOLs and cataract surgery, as well as many other eye treatments like LASIK Vision Correction. To schedule you next visit, or ask about ReSTOR and our other IOLs, contact us today!