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During cataract surgery, your eye doctor removes your eye’s natural lens and replaces it with an intraocular lens, or IOL.

Prior to the use of IOLs, cataract surgery patients had to wear very thick eyeglasses or special contact lenses in order to see after their natural lenses were removed. However, since being approved by the FDA in 1981, IOLs have offered an effective alternative for cataract patients.

Types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) 

The first thing to understand is that there is a core difference between Conventional IOLs and Premium IOLs. Conventional IOLs are monofocal, meaning that they only allow patients to hold one perspective of vision at a time (far distance, intermediate distance, or near distance). As a result, this type of IOL still requires patients to utilize corrective lenses to compensate for the other two missing distances. Meanwhile, Premium IOLs (P-IOLs) are a newer innovation that provides

patients the ability to see more than one distance without using glasses or contacts. 

There are many specific kinds of multifocal premium lenses. These lenses are based on a more advanced technology than Multifocal IOLs. Each has its own specific benefits and uses. The multifocal premium lenses offered by our Austin and Kyle, TX eye doctors include:

  • TECNIS® SYMFONY – The Symfony lens is the first extended range of vision IOL to correct presbyopia and improve vision in people with cataracts, as well as improving far, intermediate, and near vision, with the decreased need for glasses or contact lens after cataract surgery.
    TECNIS® Symfony IOL is the first presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL. It delivers a continuous full range of high quality vision with reduced incidence of halos and glare compared to a multifocal IOL.
  • ReStor® – Designed similarly to a telescope or microscope, these lenses allow patients to focus on near and far distances, reducing the need for eye glasses or contact lenses.

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  • Crystalens® – The first IOL created for cataract patients, this lens closely imitates the eye’s natural ability to on focus near, far, and midrange distances. Crystalens is specially designed with a hinge that moves the optic part of the lens back and forth as you focus on different objects.
  • TECNIS® – Multifocal lenses that provide high-quality vision in any light condition or at any distance. These Multifocal IOLs perform well for near and far distances.
  • Toric IOLSs – IOLs for use in people with corneal astigmatisms. An astigmatism is when the cornea is curved more in one direction than the other.
  • Blue Light-Filtering IOLs – contact lenses that help filter UV light rays.

How Much Do IOLs Cost?

Cataract surgery and conventional IOLs are covered by insurance because they are considered medically necessary. Advanced technology lenses such as TECNIS® and Toric IOLs are covered the same amount as con

ventional IOLs, but there is typically an out-of-pocket expense not covered by insurance due to the special features. Prior to undergoing cataract surgery you should speak with your Austin and Kyle, TX eye doctor about what IOL is best for you, and how much of the procedure you are responsible to pay out of pocket for.

Please keep in mind that we accept financing through CareCredit as well.

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