Special Offers

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At Howerton Eye Clinic, our team of talented doctors provides a wide array of treatment options to meet your unique needs. From cataracts surgery to implantable contact lenses, we have the tools and procedures to help you see a difference.

In addition to our affordable financing options, Howerton Eye Clinic has several special offers available at our Austin, Southwest, and Kyle, TX locations. See below for all of our current promotions, and check back to see what’s new in the future!


Implantable Contact Lenses

Visian ICLs (implantable contact lenses) are safe, versatile, compatible sight solutions made of collagen, which your body naturally produces. They are placed inside your eye via surgery and do not require removal of your natural optic lenses. Most ophthalmologists do not promote special offers where this procedure is concerned. But Howerton Eye Clinic is now scheduling free consultations for patients interested in the service.


Free LASIK Consultations

If you’ve been thinking about leaving behind your glasses and contact lenses, LASIK surgery might be the right option for you. Schedule a free LASIK consultation at our Austin, TX office now and take that first step toward bringing a new world into focus.


Free Cataracts Screenings

As you start to get older, the proteins that make up the natural lenses in your eyes can tend to stick together, forming cloudy clumps known as cataracts that inhibit vision. Book an appointment at Howerton Eye Clinic today and one of our skilled technicians will conduct a free screening that will inform you if you have most likely developed a cataract. 


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To take advantage of these great special offers, contact Howerton Eye Clinic today. Whether you plan to come in to our Austin, Southwest, or Kyle, TX office, we will provide you with the quality service and exemplary care you deserve.